Swine Flu Prompts Quarantine At Egypt University

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Health officials from the country of Egypt have put a university dorm under quarantine after they identified 2 cases of swine flu in US students.

The dorm in question is home to foreign students in Egypt attending American University in Cairo but right now it is in lockdown for more than 140 of those students. Read more

University Dorm Quarantined In Egypt Due To Swine Flu

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A university dorm in Egypt has been put under quarantine after two students from the US tested positive for the H5N1 swine flu virus.

The dorm is part of American University in Cairo, and is currently home to 142 quarantined students who will remain there for the time being. Read more

Cancer Survivors Celebrate Life First Sunday Of June

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Yesterday marked National Cancer Survivor Day, a day to celebrate all those brave men and women who have been diagnosed with cancer and somehow beaten back the disease.

This special day is held on the first Sunday of June each and every year, with events being held in communities all over the country to celebrate the lives of cancer survivors. Read more

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin Quarantined In China Over Swine Flu Fear

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It is being reported that New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin and his wife are being quarantined in the country of China over fears of swine flu.

Authorities put the couple into quarantine for precautionary measures after a fellow passenger on their flight started showing symptoms of the virus.

Meet New Leader Of CDC Dr. Thomas Frieden

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On Monday, Dr. Thomas Frieden will travel to Atlanta to be sworn in as the new leader of the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention.

“He can’t walk across the hall and find a sympathetic mayor and get stuff through. It’s a different playing field,” said Dr. Jeff Koplan, a former CDC director. Read more

California School Child Dies From Swine Flu

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California health officials are reporting the death of an elementary school student from the feared H5N1 swine flu virus.

According to health officials, the child, whose identity is being withheld died back on May 29 and is the third death in the state from the virus. Read more

148,000 US Children Living With Tourette’s Syndrome

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According to results from a new survey, Tourette’s syndrome effects up to 148,000 children living in America.

The condition is characterized by the inability to have full control over one’s actions, resulting in debilitating tics, repetitive speech, and sometimes, inappropriate utterings. Read more

Illinois Mother Dies From H5N1 After Giving Birth To Baby

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A chicago woman has died from swine flu just one day after giving birth to a baby at the University of Illinois Medical Center.

The 20-year-old woman was admitted to the hospital back on May 23 due to flu like symptoms and her condition got worse and worse as the days passed. Read more

Ninth Public School Closed In Boston Because Of Swine Flu

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Health officials have ordered an elementary school located in Boston to close tempoerarily because of swine flu.

The school, James Otis Elementary School, is located in east Boston, and will be closed for a few days after it was discovered that many children had flu like symptoms. Read more

Cost Of Medical Care Driving Up Rate Of US Bankruptcy

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Results of a new US study find that up to 60% of personal bankruptcies that are reported in the country are because of medical bills.

The cost of medical care in America is absolutely stupendous, and in more cases than not, people with health care plans still could not keep afloat. Read more

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