Coke Zero Soft Drink Banned in Venezuela

June 15, 2009 by

Boston (HealthKnowItAll) - You may want to think twice about drinking Coke Zero as the country of Venezuela has banned the drink over health concerns.

Coke Zero is a sugar free version of coke, which is very popular with those people wanting the great taste of coke, minus the calories that come along with it.

According to the Venezuela health ministry, the product is hazardous to one’s health, so they have ordered Coca-Cola to remove it from circulation in the country.

The government insists that Coke Zero contains a chemical which is bad for the health of those who drink it.

The ingredient that is cause for concern is a type of artificial sweetener used in place of sugar.

A spokesman for the company’s local affiliate says that the product contains no such harmful ingredient, but for the meantime they are complying with the order to remove it from stores.

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