Eating A Mediterranean Diet Reduces Heart Disease Risk

March 8, 2011 by


Boston (HealthKnowItAll) - Another big study has proven that following a Mediterranean Diet can greatly reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes and various forms of cancer.

The Mediterranean Diet is one consisting of fruits and veggies while ignoring foods high in fat and carbohydrates and has been touted for quite some time as the one to follow for optimum health.

Not only does eating this form of diet reduce risk of disease, but it also means that the likelyhood of one becoming obese, developing high blood pressure or high cholesterol is also virtually nonexistent.

People who follow the diet, stay away from eating red meat, but do eat a lot of fish and other forms of seafood, all of which are very healthy and good for you.

One perk of following the Mediterranean Diet is that alcohol is not on the “bad” list, so for those who like a glass of wine with dinner, this appears to be okay.

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