New York City On Alert As West Nile Virus Spreads

August 7, 2010 by

nyc_west_nile New York (HealthKnowItAll) - New York City is on alert after 3 cases of the potentially deadly West Nile virus have been confirmed within the world’s most famous city.

The health department of New York City is working overtime this week after confirming the first 3 cases of the West Nile virus within the city for this particular season.

Mosquitoes are causing an incredible amount of worry among New Yorkers as there have been 2 cases confirmed in Staten Island, and 1 in Bronx.

This is causing people to once again be heavily reminded of the importance of wearing protective bug repellent when outside, as well as long sleeves and pants when possible to avoid mosquito bites.

The West Nile virus is most dangerous to young children and the elderly, as well as those with weak immune systems.

The 3 cases confirmed consisted of a 61-year old Bronx man, and 2 women from Staten Island, 74-years-old and 46-years-old respectively.

All 3 of those who have been confirmed to have been infected by West Nile virus have had to be hospitalized.

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