Benlysta Approved For Lupus Patients

March 10, 2011 by

Help is finally here for patients living with lupus as the FDA have just given approval to a new drug.

Human Genome Sciences Inc is the manufacturer of Benlysta, the first lupus drug to be approved in the last 50 years.

“Benlysta, when used with existing therapies, may be an important new treatment approach for health care professionals and patients looking to help manage symptoms associated with this disease,” Dr. Curtis Rosebraugh, head of the FDA office that reviewed the drug, said in a statement.

Oddly the drug did not appear to work in black lupus patients and the company will be performing additional clinical trials to try to get to the bottom of this fact.

Lupus is an autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system turns on itself so to speak, attacking the body’s organs.

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