Medtronic Recalling 37,000 Faulty Pacemakers

June 12, 2009 by

Medical device maker Medtronic have issued a recall for a type of pacemaker that they say can considerably raise a patient’s risk of sudden death because of problems that have been reported with it.

According to the company up to 37,000 of their devices are being recalled due to wiring issues that could cause the device to missfire or even quit working.

Pacemakers have the task of firing when the heart starts beating irregularly thus shocking it back into a normal rhythm.

If the devices are firing when they are not supposed too, or if they need to fire and do not, the patient is at serious risk of cardiac arrest and death.

The FDA have listed the Medtronic recall as a class I, the most serious form of recall it can issue.

They are only issuing the recall for pacemakers that have not yet been implanted, because they say that the risk of removing one when it is already implanted in the patient is greater than the risk of the device misfiring.

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