Doctors Seeing More Cases Of Cell Phone Elbow

June 2, 2009 by

A new type of health hazard is becoming very popular with people who spend hours a day chatting on their cell phones.

Cell phone elbow is the name of a new health complaint heard repeatedly by doctors from people who jabber daily on their phones to friends, family and work colleagues.

The condition is brought about by the way that a person holds their phone when they talk, resulting in the compression of the ulnar nerve in the arm.

According to doctors, chronic use of your phone, means that your elbow is always in an awkward position a fact that can increase the risk of cell phone elbow being diagnosed.

Other symptoms besides pain when talking about cell phone elbow include tingling in the fingers and loss of strength in the hand.

According to doctors, the only known cure for cell phone elbow is, you guessed it, minimizing one’s cell phone talk time.

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