More Smokers Turning To Electronic Cigarettes For Nicotine Fix

June 3, 2009 by

According to the results of a new report, more smokers are turning to the electronic cigarette as a way of getting their must have nicotine fix.

Makers of the e-cigarette insist that the little devices offer a safer alternative than actual real ciggies, because they release a lower dose of nicotine.

The devices go for about $150, and come with a starter kit complete with instructions, batteries and even nicotine cartridges.

The e-cigarette does not come with the dangerous tower toxins that are found in regular cigarettes, and to not omit the disgusting smell of smoke that the majority of us hate.

Currently the e-cigarettes are not approved for use in America, yet thousands of people now own the battery operated devices after buying them on the internet.

Because of the fact that advocates insist the e-cigarettes are safe, proponents of the devices say that more children are likely to pick up the habit, which is not cool.

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