Cell Phone Use Increases Risk Of Painful Elbow

June 4, 2009 by

The millions of people who talk on their mobiles for hours at a time are at risk of developing a condition called cell phone elbow.

Studies have linked chronic cell phone use to increased risk of cancer, but never have researchers linked the devices to elbow pain.

Cell phone elbow is a relatively new medical condition, that is characterized by severe pain in the elbow brought about by constant flexing of the muscle joint.

When we talk on our phones we tend to hold our arm in a folded over fashion, a position that puts a lot of undue stress on our elbow joint.

The ulnar nerve is located in the elbow and when we talk on our cells, this nerve becomes compressed and thus becomes aggrevated and painful

Symptoms of cell phone elbow can be quite extensive and range from loss of coordination and tingling in the fingers, to loss of muscle strength.

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